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Types of Dashboards

Your CapabilityTRAK contains various dashboards that represent numerous data sets in different ways. For example, you may have a dashboard that shows the aggregate results by assessment topics for the team, compared against a benchmark.

Another dashboard may use the same data but present the aggregate results of each team member ranked against the others. These varying perspectives are provided as each one tells a different story and provides insight into different characteristics within the team.

Examples of some typical dashboard visualisations include:

  • Box and Whisker charts
  • Filters
  • Data, images and presentations
  • Question based results
  • Aggregate results by topics and questions
  • Aggregate results with Dimensions
  • Individual ranking
  • Multiple Assessment results


Assessment Partner

SkillsGAP Analysis, our Assessment Partner, is the leading solution in assessments for Procurement, Contract Management and Commercial Management


Visualising Capability


CapabilityTRAK™, is driven by the team of analysts and data scientists at Purchasing Index who access the largest and most comprehensive data sets in the Procurement space in Australasia.

Purchasing Index use their analytical expertise combined with powerful Business Intelligence software to drive meaningful insights in all areas of procurement:

  • spend analysis
  • category benchmarking
  • procurement function benchmarking and many others.

Your dashboard is powered by a Business Intelligence software which is also used to service many of our spend analysis clients. Using this intelligence software to visualise your results brings your team’s capabilities to life, and helps you track progress over time. You are able to drill-down into different individuals, teams, groups, etc. by skill, knowledge and behavior to understand your team’s capability in a powerful and meaningful way.



Access a range of visualisations, dashboards, dials and worksheets that give you insights – and comparisons against like-for-like organisations.



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