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Commercial Leadership Assessments

Leaders, from time-to-time it can be helpful to take stock.

Here are tolls that help you to review your progress and explore opportunities for improvement. Take pause to think about influence and change, or your stakeholder engagement and negotiation styles.

The feedback contained in your reports may support you in planning and prioritising continuous improvement activities, and help you to focus attention on improvements that will enhance the effectiveness of you as a leader.

What happens when I finish?

On completion, you will receive an individual report with an assessment of your capability across the dimensions of Commercial Leadership competencies. The report will highlight each dimension focusing on your strengths and your evolving skill-sets.

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  • Commercial Leadership Assessment

    The is a self-assessment survey. The questions are designed to explore the skills required to motivate, lead and empower a team of people. It focuses on 8 stages of leadership and asks you to rate yourself on 72 question items.

  • Negotiation ProfileAssessment

    Negotiation is a little like chess, in that we each have some objectives and we deploy tactics to achieve our objectives. This profile focuses on the capabilities needed to negotiate effectively. There are eight dimensions which underpin the negotiation process, and the profile features nine questions for each of the eight directions.

  • Commercial Awareness

    This is a uniquely designed to diagnose commercial awareness to deliver ‘value’ beyond traditional economic measures of value, such as price savings. The assessment is structured around five scenarios. For each scenario you will be asked four multiple-choice questions.