Christmas Landing Page 2019 - 1 - SkillsGapAnalysis

Great! Now…

What if we said that we can help you GAIN MORE INSIGHT
into your overall strengths in your profession

and even more importantly …

give you professional insight into the areas that, if you improved –
would give you an edge over your peers and competition?


Improve your personal,business and procurement attributes.

At 70% OFF

the rate card
Only until 31 December

Why is Jeremy listening?

So, Jeremy (in the picture above) has just been placed in a head management role in the procurement team of a global company. He’s stoked.

Jeremy knew his skill gaps and filled them. BOOM within a year his competency levels grew quickly – as did his income. It was that easy. He was slipping a little in Strategy Development but now the guy is unstoppable – he seeks it out – look at him! 🙂

Knowing your gaps = career improvement

This profession has never been so exciting with new and innovative opportunities happening in Procurement, Contract Management and Supply Chain. Our influence is growing every day.

So ask yourself … “Am I a master at negotiation?”, or “Could I know more?” … “Is managing risk my strong point?” … “Am I confident in supply planning?”

Your chance is NOW. The door is OPEN.

For the FIRST TIME EVER …. SkillsGAP Analysis is opening its door to individual professionals. You have the opportunity to take control of your own career path and gain the insight for yourself without management obtaining your results.

But there’s a twist … as an independent … you get:

70% OFF

ALL Personal Development Plans

But only if you BUY ONLINE – and before the end of December.

Choose from any of these three categories:



Contract Management


Supply Chain


You get:

  1. access to the FULL professional SkillsGAP Analysis online self-assessment
  2. an individualised report packed with recommendations
  3. your own personal development plan to help you gain more ground.

These are exactly the same assessments we roll out to Private, Government and
NFP organisations every week.

Hang on … there’s MORE.

Because we value improvement, especially with those individuals that seek it out we’re also going to include:

… 2 WEEKS UNLIMITED ACCESS to our self-paced e-learning
package that contains 250 courses from which to choose.


After that the price jumps back to normal. So remember:
> Individual purchases only, 1 self-assessment per person
> Licenses cannot be shared
> The offer will close 31 Dec 2019
> You must purchase online

Secure your assessment NOW and you will get INSTANT ACCESS. It’s all tax deduct-
able, so start your 2020 prepared!